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Jonathan F. Ormes

Research Professor

What I do

I teach mathematics, conduct research in topological dynamics, and provide service to the University of Denver.

Professional Biography

I grew up in Beltsville, MD. Earned a BS in mathematics the University of Delaware, a PhD in mathematics at the University of Maryland. Held postdoctoral positions at the University of Texas and the University of Connecticut. Since 2002, I have taught math from first year calculus through graduate level courses. I am especially interested in expanding the participation of women and students of color in mathematics. I conduct research on abstract dynamical systems.


In dynamical systems, one studies the evolution of a system as it evolves over time according to some pre-determined rules. I typically study a function f repeatedly applied to a space X. More specifically, I typically study homeomorphisms f of a Cantor space. There are connections between these systems and matrix theory, information theory, and complexity theory.

Featured Publications

  • Bounded Topological Speedups
  • Strong orbit realization for minimal homeomorphisms
  • The spectra of nonnegative integer matrices via formal power series
  • Self-Induced Systems
  • Extender sets and multidimensional subshifts