Sara Ugolini

Visiting Assistant Professor

What I do

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Denver.


mathematical logic, universal algebra

Professional Biography

I am a researcher in mathematical logic. I come from Italy, where I graduated in mathematics at the University of Siena, and I obtained my PhD at the University of Pisa. My research interests include algebraic logic, fuzzy logic, and approximate reasoning.


  • Ph.D., Mathematical Logic, University of Pisa, 2018
  • MS, Mathematics, University of Siena, 2013
  • BS, Mathematics, University of Siena, 2011


My research mostly deals with the study of the algebraic semantics of substructural logics, with a particular focus on t-norm based fuzzy logics. I am also studying the logico-algebraic foundations for the probability theory of many-valued events.

Featured Publications

Montagna, F., & Ugolini, S. (2015). A Categorical Equivalence for Product Algebras. STUDIA LOGICA, 103(2), 345-373.
Aguzzoli, S., Flaminio, T., & Ugolini, S. (2017). Equivalences between subcategories of MTL-algebras via Boolean algebras and prelinear semihoops. JOURNAL OF LOGIC AND COMPUTATION, 27(8), 2525-2549.
Flaminio, T., Godo, L., & Ugolini, S. (2018). Towards a probability theory for product logic: States, integral representation and reasoning. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPROXIMATE REASONING, 93, 199-218.


Ugolini, S. (2016). A uniform way to build symmetric DL-algebras. LATD2016. Phalaborwa (South Africa), .
Ugolini, S. (2016). Hyperstates on involutive bipartite MTL-algebras: a preliminary investigation. WOLC2016. Guangzhou (China).
Ugolini, S. (2017). On some varieties generated by generalized rotations of residuated lattices. ManyVal2017. Toulouse (France).
Ugolini, S. (2017). States of free product algebras. XIV Congreso Dr. Antonio Monteiro . Bahia Blanca (Argentina).
Ugolini, S. (2018). Splittings in MTL . 1st Algebra Week . Siena, Italy.