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Undergraduate Students

DU is unique it its ability to welcome undergraduate students into research experiences in highly-productive, faculty-led laboratories. In the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, we are constantly working to develop new research opportunities for students as well as mentor students through applying for summer research positions.

Undergraduate students interested in research projects are encouraged to reach out to faculty members working in their field of interest to inquire about joining their lab. Our faculty and graduate students value working with undergraduates, especially when they are able to join a lab after their first year with the intention of continuing work through the duration of their undergraduate career. 

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"Something that DU has offered me is a connection with professors—an ability to do research with them and find a topic I’m interested in and just run with it."

Julie Richards

The Undergraduate Research Center (URC) provides students with educational resources and funding to support their ventures into the lab. 

Frequent workshops are focused on poster presentation skills and writing grant proposals.