The University of Denver's master of arts in chemistry aims to instill students with the ability to learn independently and to define and help solve new problems. Chemists in our graduate programs work to contribute to the fundamental understanding of their discipline and help others understand their contributions and those of their contemporaries. Intended for students already working full time in industry or secondary education, the MA is an advanced degree with an emphasis on coursework as opposed to research, and a research thesis is not required.

The goal of this programs is to realize the full development of each student's talents and ensure they can develop skills that will serve them through their lives and careers. The relatively modest population of our graduate program allows us to maintain small class sizes with high levels of interaction between students and faculty, as well as frequent collaboration with other students. That tight-knit nature also helps ensure students are able to get all the support they need, and can tailor their educations to meet their specific needs and wants.

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