The following content will guide new and seasoned science and mathematics faculty through central resources, governance, policies and procedures. 

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Faculty Governance

  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics Faculty Committee

    The Natural Sciences & Mathematics Faculty Committee examines, reports and recommends actions on all matters bearing upon policy and activities of the faculty working within the College.

    1. The committee shall meet with the Dean once a quarter and it shall keep the faculty informed of its work.
    2. The committee shall act for the Faculty when time constraints prevent the faculty from taking action. The committee's actions may be directed by a majority vote of the faculty.
    3. The committee may call faculty meetings when necessary. The Chair of the committee shall preside over all faculty meetings.
    4. At the Dean's request, the committee shall select recipients of some of the grants and awards that are managed through the Dean's Office.
    5. The committee shall review and approve funding for proposals submitted by the faculty for long and short-term Marsico Visiting Scholars.
    6. The committee may review proposals for new policies by other committees and, if requested by the committees, put them on the agenda of the next faculty meeting.
    7. The committee shall review all proposals for new curricula and degrees from departments and all other proposals for significant curricular changes and, if requested, put them on the agenda of the next faculty meeting.
    8. The committee shall keep records for a minimum of three years of its actions and record the disposition of any formal recommendations. Minority reports may be recorded if requested by any committee member.

    Membership (term expires in May of year indicated):

    Dan Linseman, Biological Sciences (2019)

    Bryan Cowen, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2020)

    Alvaro Arias, Mathematics (2019)

    Mark Siemens, Physics & Astronomy (2017-2018 — interim member while Dinah Loerke is on sabbatical)

    Paul Sutton, Geography & the Environment (2019)

  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics Tenure & Promotion Committee

    The NSM Tenure and Promotion Committee provides recommendations to the Dean in all matters related to the review of faculty applying for tenure and promotion.

    1. Each department shall elect one member from among its tenured faculty; this member shall not be the department chair. Term of appointment is three years; no member may serve more than two consecutive terms.
    2. The committee shall establish procedures designed to ensure that all departments provide the Dean and the committee with approximately uniform information pertaining to persons considered for tenure and/or promotion.
    3. The committee shall set a deadline for receipt of departmental recommendations with supporting documentation.
    4. The committee shall consider departmental recommendations concerning tenure and/or promotion and vote approval or disapproval of these recommendations. A statement shall be provided to the Dean stating the basis for the judgment, and the Dean shall forward the statement to the Provost. Committee members may choose to append a minority report as well.
    5. The committee may request additional information and interview candidates, departmental chairs, and members of Departmental Tenure and Promotion Committees.
    6. The committee shall be in charge of recommending changes to the Procedural Guidelines for Tenure and Promotion.

    Membership (term expires in May of year indicated):

    Jim Fogleman, Biological Sciences (2019)

    Martin Margittai, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2017)

    Matthew Taylor, Geography & the Environment (2019)

    Petr Vojtechovsky, Mathematics (2018)

    Mercedes Calbi, Physics & Astronomy (2017)

  • University Committee Representation

    These are College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics faculty representatives on various DU committees. For elected positions, terms expire in May of the year indicated.

    Center for Teaching and Learning Faculty Advisory Board: Nancy Sasaki, Biological Sciences

    Faculty Athletic Committee: Matthew Taylor, Geography & the Environment (2018)

    Faculty Review Committee: Mike Keables, Geography & the Environment (2020)

    First-Year Seminar Committee: Hillary Hamann, Geography & the Environment (2019); Erika Trigoso, Geography & the Environment (2019)

    Graduate Council: Rebecca Powell, Geography & the Environment (2019)

    Honors Council: Robin Tinghitella, Geography & the Environment (2020); Barry Zink, Physics & Astronomy (2019)

    High-Performance Computing Users Group: Andrei Kutateladze, Chemistry & Biochemistry; Guido Vacano, Biological Sciences; Michael Kinyon, Mathematics; Frederic Latremoliere, Mathematics; Jennifer Hoffman, Physics & Astronomy; Kings Ghosh, Physics &

    Inclusive Excellence Committee: Barry Zink, Physics & Astronomy; Nancy Sasaki, Biological Sciences; Michelle Knowles, Chemistry & Biochemistry

    Internationalization Council: Mike Daniels, Geography & the Environment (2018); Nancy Sasaki, Biological Sciences

    Partners in Scholarship Committee: Tom Quinn, Biological Sciences (2019); Paul Horn, Mathematics (2019)

    Sustainability Minor Committee: Helen Hazen, Geography & the Environment (2018); Anna Sher, Biological Sciences (2018)

    Undergraduate Council: Michelle Knowles, Chemistry & Biochemistry (2018); Nic Ormes, Mathematics (2018)

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Policies and Procedures

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Human Resources and Inclusive Excellence

Access essential DU-wide forms and policies through our Human Resources & Inclusive Community website.

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Overload Teaching Policy

This policy sets forth the limits relating to faculty teaching courses over the base load stipulated by their department and the dean’s office.

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Sabbatical Leave

If you need to take time away from the University, we offer a streamlined application process.


Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

View university-wide policies and procedures as well as college-specific guidelines.

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Academic Appeals

View the 2019-2020 DU Bulletin for information on academic exceptions, complaints, grievances and appeals.

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Travel Request Form and Travel Abroad Policies

Travel Abroad policies are available on the Office of International Education website. Use Concur to submit requests for approval.


Lab Volunteer Participation Form

Download the release form for lab and field work participants.


Extended University Closure Policy

Department chairs develop plans to ensure students have an opportunity to complete their academic requirements off-site in the event of an extended closure of the University.

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Teaching Buyout Policy

Download the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics policy on teaching buyouts. Requests are due no later than March 1 of the preceding academic year.

DU Funding Sources

  • Scholarship

    Natural Sciences & Mathematics (NSM) Olin Faculty Development Grant

    The Olin Faculty Development Grant assists NSM faculty in developing research, teaching and scholarship activities.

    Olin Faculty Development Grant

  • scholarship

    NSM/Marisco Visiting Scholar Program for Short-Term Faculty

    This program supports visiting NSM faculty to provide undergraduate students with access to new divisional or departmental scholars.

    NSM/Marisco Visiting Scholar Program for Short-Term Faculty

  • Scholarship

    Office of Teaching & Learning Grants

    The Office of Teaching & Learning provides services and support for all DU faculty, including the "OneNewThing" grant, which offers short-term funding for new technology, teaching methods or assessment activities designed to improve the classroom experience.

  • Scholarship

    Faculty Senate Grants

    The Faculty Senate awards Faculty Research Fund grants to stimulate research, scholarship and creative activity.

    Faculty Senate Grants

  • Scholarship

    Office of Internationalization Grants

    The Office of Internationalization provides support for international endeavors such as research, professional development and the establishment of new partnerships through Internationalization Grants.

    Office of Internationalization Grants

  • Scholarship

    Office of Research and Sponsored Programs Resources

    The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs provides general support for all DU faculty in identifying and applying for funding and managing the grant lifecycle.

    Office of Research and Sponsored Programs