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DU MERISTEM Awarded Supplemental Funding from NSF to Pursue DU-HEAL Initiative

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The National Science Foundation's ADVANCE program has awarded DU MERISTEM an additional $148,780 (on top of the $990,843 already received from the original grant, for a grand total of $1,139,623 to date) to use toward accomplishing DU-HEAL's goal of having accountability and conflict resolution structures to improve the culture for all faculty. This will involve investigating conflict resolution mechanisms (or lack-there-of) for faculty at DU and other universities through focus groups, in-depth review of resources and polices, literature research of mechanisms at other college campuses, and a gap analysis of our school's system. Additionally, MERISTEM will launch an informational campaign on resources available at the university and, if necessary, recommend the possibility of new resources for faculty at DU.  

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