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DU MERISTEM draws upon the expertise and work of faculty and staff across the University of Denver and seeks to make campus-wide institutional change. The policies and strategies we employ to improve hiring and retention of historically excluded faculty in STEM—along with drawing upon progress other departments on campus have made in this area—can be adapted into campus-wide policies to create widespread change. We welcome the participation and support of any faculty and staff members at DU who are interested in this work, as well as the prospective hires who we hope to welcome to the community.

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We're excited to share the work we're doing to make the STEM departments and the University of Denver a great place for all faculty to grow their careers. We recognize that the climate that new faculty encounter when they join the team is just as critical as working to recruit a more diverse range of candidates.

MERISTEM is working to hold leadership accountable, build a network to make sure that you have the support you need to meet milestones and advance your career, and provide a process for faculty to follow to seek improvements when things don’t go as planned. We have support from the highest levels of DU Leadership to make institution-wide systemic changes.

In addition to the resources at the link below, we invite you to learn more about MERISTEM through this page and the rest of the site.

Resources for Prospective Faculty

Our Team

Our team members have organized around four priorities:

  • Grow: Hiring and Recruitment
  • Develop: Retention and Promotion
  • Heal: Accountability and improving climate
  • Research: Measuring impact and providing feedback for an iterative process of improvement

Meet our team and learn about the groups, committees, and offices across campus that partner with us.

Our Team & Collaborators
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The Grow group trains hiring committees and addresses hiring practices in order to recruit and hire more faculty from historically excluded populations.


The Develop group builds equity-informed mentoring practices to support Historically Excluded Faculty (HEF) in reaching the milestones needed to advance their careers.


The Heal group improves the campus climate for HEF by establishing accountability and reporting processes to encourage equitable practices and address issues.


We coordinate our efforts using the MERISTEM group in Microsoft Teams. Along with meeting minutes, the teams page includes peer-curated resources. We also provide channels for announcements and community-related posts. DU faculty and staff may request to be added to the MERISTEM Team.

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