Nancy Sasaki, PhD

Nancy Sasaki

Teaching Professor

What I do

Teaching Professor for microbiology courses in the department of Biological Sciences


Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Microbial Ecology, Science Education

Professional Biography

Dr. Sasaki is a Teaching Professor in the department of Biologcial Sciences. Although in the past her research interests included microbial degradation of recalcitrant chemicals in the soil environment, her current research involves the professional development of K-12 teachers in the introduction of the claims/evidence/reasoning model of teaching science in the classroom. Currently, she is a curriculum consultant for Science Matters in America. Dr. Sasaki teaches the microbiology courses in the Department of Biological Sciences and enjoys teaching both non-majors as well as majors interested in the topics of Microbiology.


  • BS, Biology, University of Denver
  • MS, Biology, University of Denver
  • Ph.D., Microbiology, Colorado State University

Licensure / Accreditations

  • Secondary Science

Professional Affiliations

  • American Society of Microbiology
  • National Science Teachers of America

Key Projects

  • STeLLA - The Science Teachers Learning from Lesson Analysis Professional Development Program: Scaling for Effectiveness

Featured Publications

Benson, L. A., Sasaki, N. T., & Morris, L. J. (2013). Development of the Assessment of Scientific Explanations in Notebook Discourses (ASEND) Instrument. San Francisco CA, USA: American Educations Research Association.
Sasaki, N. T. (1997). Genome Conformation and Genetic Diversity: A Closer Look at Several Species of Rhodococcus Isolated from Contaminated Soils. In K. Horikoshi, M. Fukuda, & T. Kudo (Eds.), Microbial Diversity and Genetics of Biodegradation (pp. 75-82). Toyko, Japan.
Seidel, K. E., Sasaki, N. T., Michalec, P., Hartnett-Edwards, K., & Joseph, N. M. (1969). Using Claims, Evidence, and Reasoning with the Common Core: Professional Development resources from the Math & Science Leadership Institute. (K. E. Seidel, Ed.). Denver CO, USA: University of Denver and Denver Public Schools.


Sasaki, N. T. (2007). Redesigning Science Methods Courses for the 21st Century. Denver, CO: National Science Teachers Association.
Burgman, R., Gorgens, K. A., Hanna, M. D., & Sasaki, N. T. (2015). BUILDING POWERFUL CAREER NETWORKS. DU Women's Conference. Denver, CO: Colorado Women's College at DU.
Sasaki, N. T. (2009). Designing a non-majors inquiry based microbiology course - Why should the Majors Have All the Fun?. Fort Collins, CO.


  • Outstanding Teacher Award, Sigma Sigma Sigma Society of Metropolitan State College of Denver
  • Champion of Change Outstanding Administrator, Diversity Summit on Inclusive Excellence
  • Robin Morgan Award for Outstanding Administrator, HERDU Women's Conference by Women's Coalition