Explore New Frontiers in Natural and Mathematical Sciences​

Solving the problems of today's world requires a comprehensive understanding of science and math. In the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, we want to cultivate a curiosity for knowledge beyond the fundamentals. Accessibility to exciting research, innovative faculty and interactive learning experiences prepare our students as inquisitive, globally-minded citizens.​

"The most important skill you acquire in a college or graduate school is you learn how to learn, how to analyze facts, how to deal with the unknown...Never stop learning. Remain curious. Curiosity is only harmful to cats; it’s really OK for humans."

Andrei Kutateladze, Dean

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Our five departments deliver expertise on topics ranging from ecology to biophysics, connecting undergraduate students across campus with graduate students and faculty dedicated to student-centered teaching and barrier-breaking research. 

Within each discipline, students discover unique opportunities to develop analytical and deductive reasoning skills whether in the classroom, in the lab or abroad. 

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