Geographic Information Science Programs at DU

There is no denying the importance of spatial data and technology in our lives if only measured by the phones we carry and the cars that will drive us.

The University of Denver is one of the premier institutions of higher education where students interested in geographic information science (GISc), geospatial science, geovisualization and geography can craft a curriculum to prepare for a fulfilling lifelong career focused on any one of many disciplines including:

  • geovisualization and spatial analysis;
  • analyzing spatial data and making new discoveries;
  • designing and implementing geospatial systems; and,
  • sharing your work with the office, the community and the world!
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Why GISc?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts demand for graduates with geotechnical skills will grow by 30% by 2024.

Join this growing field by developing skills in collecting, analyzing, and leveraging geographic data. Whether learning about foundational spatial data processing or timely trends such as unmanned aerial vehicles, you’ll receive hands-on guidance at each step.

On campus and online.

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Graduation from the MS program requires 48 credit hours including seven core courses and a capstone project. Learn more about required coursework and program structure.

MS GISc Curriculum
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MS GISc students can receive scholarships in the form of graduate teaching assistantships or online distance learning discounts. Learn more about our program pricing and eligibility.

Tuition Information
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MS GISc students learn from a vibrant faculty with expert knowledge of practical geographic information science and technology. Meet the people who will guide you through your personalized program.

Key GISc Faculty

Career Outcomes

MS GISc students will learn to solve spatial problems using the latest technology, to design databases for GISc functions and in non-spatial environments and to manage GIS projects from launch through implementation and evaluation.

Possessing Python programming skills will help you stand out in your job search. According to GIS Lounge, many large companies such as Esri are embracing Python because of its easy language and widespread use. 

Graduates of this program gain employment as 

  • Geospatial analysts
  • GIS analysts
  • GIS data managers
  • GIS developers
  • GIS specialists
  • GIS programming leads
  • GIS systems architects
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Are you ready to start your career in GISc?

We're here to answer all your questions as you being your application process.

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