Master's in GIS Tuition

In the College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics at DU, online MS GIS students are eligible for a substantial tuition scholarship, and students attending courses on campus can off-set their tuition with a graduate teaching assistantship position or other scholarships. Read more about the options specific to each program, or reach out to one of our contacts for more information.

Tuition scholarships

  • Traditional MS tuition (on-campus)

    Students enrolled in the traditional MS program on campus will receive scholarships in the form of graduate teaching assistantships (GTAs). A limited number of teaching assistantships are awarded each year to the most promising students. 

    GTAs carry a stipend plus full tuition scholarship. Most of the funding opportunities involve assisting professors in introductory undergraduate courses. 

    Highly-qualified applicants can be nominated to receive a Dean's Fellowship award. These awards provide a full tuition scholarship for one year. In addition, federal loan and work-study programs are available for qualified students to assist with their educational expenses. More information is available from the Office of Financial Aid.

  • Online MS tuition

    Online MS GIS students are eligible for an institutional tuition scholarship resulting in a 49.9 percent reduction of the published tuition rate ($34,224). Actual tuition for this program is $17,112 plus applicable lab fees.

    Accepted students will see the reduction only after registering for an online GEOG course. Scholarships will be applied to current online student accounts two weeks prior to the beginning of the academic quarter. New students will have to wait until the first week of classes to see the scholarship appear.

Billing and financial aid contacts

For general information regarding other financial aid for graduate students, visit the Office of Financial Aid.

For questions about your tuition and billing, contact Karen Escobar at +1 303-871-2654 or