Geographers study complex challenges like environmental change, economic development, globalization, human population growth, migration, land-use change and geopolitics. DU's Department of Geography and the Environment prepares students with the analytical skills necessary to develop a deep understanding of cause and effect across these varying landscapes. 

Our expert faculty delivers exciting instruction and research to students in the areas of physical geography, environmental science, geographic information science (GIS) and human geography.

Have you ever wondered why things happen where they do?

That's where geography comes in—connecting the where, why, who, and how.

American Association of Geographers

When I majored in geography, I finally found my fit among bright, caring faculty who engaged and encouraged my curiosity about the natural and built environment and nurtured my personal and professional growth. I developed lifelong friendships with faculty members, graduate students and fellow undergrads.

Chelsey Baker-Hauck, BA 1996

Broadening our Understanding of Dynamic Earth Systems

Denver serves as an outstanding laboratory for human and physical geographers alike. 

Our department offers undergraduate degrees and distinctions in geography and environmental science in preparation for careers in areas such as education, geotechnology and urban planning.

Graduate programs include master's and PhD studies in geography as well as a master's in geographic information science. 

Travel courses throughout Colorado and the American Southwest, to New York City, New Zealand, Peru, Czech Republic and more, enhance scholarship, and field quarters and faculty-led research provide further opportunity for travel. 

aerial view of landscape

Enter the growing field of geospatial data solutions.

Earn an MS in geographic information science (GIS) through rigorous coursework either online or on campus 


Research that Affects Change

Student research in Guatemala

Our research aims to gain a birds-eye view of the stories told by human populations and their ecosystems. To do that, we employ state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for studies in geographic information science (GIS), remote sensing, geomorphology, soils, palynology, dendrochronology and climatology. Faculty-led teams of graduate students and undergraduates use observational research and data analysis to solve human-, environmental- and human-environment-related challenges.



Travel and Opportunities Abroad

southwest travelers
Travel Courses & Field Quarter

In 2018, our faculty led students on travel courses to New York City, across South Africa and high into the Andes of Peru. Field Quarter participants traveled to Nicaragua, Costa Rica and through the American Southwest with stops in Grand Mesa, along the Baja coast, and in the Chiricahua Mountains of southeastern Arizona. 

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Lund University
Global Masters Scholars

Working in partnership with the Department of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science and the Department of Human Geography at Lund University and the School of Agriculture and Environment at the University of Western Australia, we are excited to offer students the opportunity to earn a bachelors degree from DU and an MS abroad in a five-year program that splits time between the two schools.

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