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Andrew Voitiv Receives Scholarship

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Nathan Willers

Director of Communications

Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Association of Colorado award given to PhD student in Physics.

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Drew Voitiv (BS '19, Physics), a PhD student in the Siemens Lab at DU has been awarded the Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Association of Colorado Scholarship for 2022. The $2000 scholarship will further Drew's research and work in the Siemens Lab.

From Drew: Drew joined the Siemens Lab at DU in the first week of his undergraduate, which led to his affinity for physics and research. His role evolved from doing odd jobs around the labs into developing how to precisely generate, control, and measure “twisted” laser beams. The deceptively simple setting has turned out to be an endless fountain of challenging problems, and in 2020 he became a PhD student to continue and expand this work. In addition to research, Drew has a passion for STEM outreach and is an active member of the Society of Physics Students. Outside of physics, Drew sings in the DU Men’s Choir, occasionally dances swing and tango, and frequently takes pleasant walks.

Congrats on this accomplishment, Drew!

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