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Recidivism: A Case Study Of Reentry Resources And Their Impact On Successful Reentry Post-Incarceration

Recidivism is a prominent issue in the criminal justice system today as it leads to an increase in incarcerated populations and increased prison expenses. This thesis details a case study regarding reentry resources available to returning citizens and their influence on recidivism (returning to prison) likelihood among people released from prison. It is broken down into a literature review section, a research section including methods and results, and a discussion section including discussion of results, concluding remarks, and future actions related to the research findings. It explores existing research on recidivism, describes the interviews conducted by the researcher, discusses the implications of this research, and suggests further avenues for research and exploration to better inform policies and future actions regarding reentry resources. Ultimately, this thesis concludes that the most useful resources for returning citizens include resources directed towards meeting basic needs like food, clothing, and transportation, housing resources, support/mentorship groups, family support, and employment organizations. Therefore, future funding and resources should be allocated to these areas which have been listed as most useful for successful reentry.

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