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Dinko Hanaan Dinko Wins Research Award

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NSM Communications Team

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This spring, doctoral student Dinko Hanaan Dinko received the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Excellence in Research Award. The award recognizes the single top graduate student researcher in the college. Dinko’s research focuses on climate change and natural resource management, with a particular interest in food and water security. He has published three articles in peer-reviewed and highly ranked journals, with two as first-author. He has another first-authored peer-reviewed article forthcoming in Land Use Policy, as well as a co-authored book chapter currently in press:

Dinko. H.D., Kansanga, M.M., Nyantakyi-Frimpong, H., and Luginaah, I. “Unpacking the Dynamics of Natural Resource Conflicts in Ghana: The Case of Rosewood.”
 Land Use Policy (forthcoming).

Nyantakyi-Frimpong, H and Dinko, H.D. “Climate Change, Migration, and Belonging: Experiences from Smallholder Farmworkers in Ghana.” In T. Tran and T. Mayer (Eds.). Power and Agency in Migration: Voices from Displacement and Belonging. London, UK: Routledge (In Press).

Kansanga, M. M., Dinko, D.H., Nyantakyi-Frimpong, H., Arku, G., & Luginaah, I. (2021). “Scalar politics and black markets: The political ecology of illegal rosewood logging in Ghana.” Geoforum, 119, 83-93.

Dinko, D.H., Yaro, J., & Kusimi, J. (2019). “Political ecology and contours of vulnerability to water insecurity in semiarid northern Ghana.” Journal of Asian and African Studies, 54(2), 282-299.

Dinko, H.D. (2017). “Climate change and changing food security risk in Ghana.” African Journal of Agriculture and Food Security, 5(3), 186-192.

Dinko has also been involved with several conference presentations, which span international, national, and local venues. He was awarded the American Association of Geographers (AAG) Africa Specialty Group graduate research grant for 2021. Only one award is given a year and the competition includes about 1,000 applications. Dinko also won the AAG Rural Geography Specialty Group graduate research grant for 2021. Only two awards are given a year and the competition includes about 800 applications.

Dinko Hanaan Dinko