Message from the Chair

Welcome to biological sciences. We offer a supportive and innovative environment for active study and research in various disciplines within biology.

For prospective undergraduate students we have curricula options including BS or BA in biological sciences, molecular biology or ecology and biodiversity. We also offer a concentration in cognitive neuroscience. Our department thrives through excellent support and advising including specialized advising in areas of pre-health. Small, specialized courses taught by teacher-scholars along with ample opportunity for extensive undergraduate research are hallmarks of our department.

Active research is central to all departmental activities and is generally in one of two areas: ecology and evolution or cell and molecular biology. Programs are supported with funding from NIH, NSF and other federal agencies. We offer both MS and PhD degrees and many faculty also participate in the PhD program in molecular and cellular biophysics.

Faculty research in ecology and evolution take advantage of field sites throughout the Rocky Mountain region and remote sites in the Caribbean, Hawaii and Pacific Northwest. Field studies are often combined with lab work including molecular evolution and genomics.

Research programs in cell and molecular biology allow students access to and training with instrumentation that includes spinning disk and point-scanning confocal microscopes, TIRF microscopy and supper-resolution imaging as well as facilities for advanced molecular and biochemical analysis.

I invite you to browse the pages on our site and contact us for information on any of our programs. Reach out to our faculty and let us know if you're interested in visiting campus.

Joe Angleson