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Our department hosts weekly seminars covering a wide range of topics in the biological sciences, featuring guest speakers as well as DU faculty- and student-led presentations. In addition, our department is home to exciting developments in both research and education. 

Check back often for the latest news and event announcements from the Department of Biological Sciences.


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Weekly Seminars

Weekly seminars feature visiting scholars, faculty and students presenting on applied research and case studies. 

Join us Mondays in Olin Hall 105 at 4:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted below.
(schedule subject to change)

  • Winter 2020

    The speakers listed below are faculty candidates in the field of evolutionary biology.

    Monday, February 10
    Exploring the proximate and ultimate causes of variation with fig nematodes
    Gavin Woodruff, University of Oregon
    Olin Hall 105

    Wednesday, February 12
    From the mountains to the sea: comparative genomics of mechanisms underlying the physiological response to low oxygen
    Allie Graham, Oregon State University
    Boettcher Auditorium 101

    Wednesday, March 11
    Bacteria as a source of evolutionary novelty in animals
    Rebecca Duncan, University of California, Berkeley
    Boettcher Auditorium 101


    The speakers listed below are faculty candidates in the field of the biology of aging.

    Monday, February 17
    Metabolic control of cellular senescence: implications for aging
    Chris Wiley, Buck Institute for Research
    Olin Hall 105

    Wednesday, February 19
    Non-neuronal mechanisms of neuronal aging
    Lezi E, Duke University School of Medicine
    Boettcher Auditorium 101

    Tuesday, February 25
    Immune mechanisms for rescuing injury and age-induced memory decline
    Karen Krukowski, University of California, San Francisco
    Olin Hall 105

    Wednesday, March 4
    Epigenetics in the brain: from development to disease
    Alexi Nott
    University of California, San Diego
    Boettcher Auditorium 101


    Marsico Visiting Scholar – Monday, March 2
    Building body parts: Regulation of organ architecture and cell physiology through a single transcription factor
    Debbie Andrew, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
    Olin 105

  • Fall 2019 Schedule

    Dates added throughout the quarter  – check back for the most up-to-date schedule.

    September 16
    Carrion and Other Alternate Resources: New Forms of Indirect Defense against Herbivores
    Dr. Ian Pearse, Fort Collins Science Center

    September 30
    Cell Signaling in Airway Epithelial Development and Disease
    Dr. Eszter K. Vladar, University of Colorado, Anschutz

    October 7
    Dynamics of plant-pollinator interactions in time and space
    Dr. Julian Resasco, University of Colorado, Boulder

    October 14
    Competitive Interactions of Two Parasitic Wasps that Require the Same Host
    Dr. Dhaval Vyas, University of Denver

    October 21
    Genomic Journeys into a Lost World: ‘Ancient Fishes’ Illuminate the Genetic Basis of Vertebrate Evolution, Development and Diseases
    Dr. Ingo Braasch, Michigan State University

    October 28
    Using Budding Yeast to Understand Dynein-Mediated Transport
    Dr. Steven Markus, Colorado State University

    November 4
    Mating on the Margins: Social Behavior and Genetic Exchange in Natural Populations
    Dr. David Zonana, University of Denver

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