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New Edition of Popular Ecology Textbook Published

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NSM Communications Team

Dr. Anna Sher, DU professor, is new lead author of ninth edition of Ecology: Concepts & Applications, an internationally popular ecology classroom textbook

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Understanding natural systems and how they interact is an enormous challenge—made even more important in the context of human environmental impacts that are having greater influence every year. Ecology: Concepts & Applications, a leading ecology classroom text, explores these relationships and helps students gain a comprehensive understanding of the function and diversity of ecosystems across the world.

For the ninth edition, Dr. Sher has prioritized not only keeping the scientific content current, but also increasing the number of citations by underrepresented scientists to reflect the increasing diversity of researchers in the field. This work is reflected in more than 140 new citations (most of which are from women and People of Color), more than 100 updated research examples, and 42 new figures. Current events make the text relevant to students, such as using the COVID-19 pandemic to help explain population growth models.

Dr. Sher said, “I am deeply invested in the exploration of new frontiers of ecology and bringing these to the next generation—and this book reflects those values.”

Winner of multiple awards and a sought-after expert in the fields of ecology and sustainability, Sher earned her PhD from the University of New Mexico, where she studied under the textbook’s former lead author, Dr. Manuel C. Molles. Sher has published research on many topics within ecology, including competition, invasive species, soil chemistry, climate change, and more. She is also lead author of the textbook series An Introduction to Conservation Biology. A faculty member at the University of Denver since 2003, Dr. Sher is the principal investigator of a National Science Foundation grant to examine the human dimension of ecosystem restoration and is leading a team that was recently awarded a million-dollar grant for programs to support historically underrepresented scientists. She has a passion for teaching and mentoring students. More about Dr. Sher can be found at the Sher Lab website.

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