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Our degree programs are designed to engage students in interactive coursework that prepares them for careers that provide solutions for human-oriented and environmental challenges.

Undergraduates can choose between a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science in geography or a bachelor of science in environmental science. We also offer a distinction in either of the two disciplines. 

Graduate students can pursue master's and PhD degrees in geography or a master's in geographic information science (GISc). 

Academic Programs

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Undergraduate Degrees

Undergraduate students studying geography or environmental science will gain scientific understanding through balanced instruction in both technical and social aspects of problem solving.

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Graduate Degrees

Graduate students benefit from participating diversified faculty research projects while they earn their master's or PhD. Students work as research or teaching assistants, gaining priceless experience as they complete their degrees.

Hands-On Field Work

Ask any one of our alums, Field Quarter and travel courses are a highlight of a geography or environmental science degree. Students are encouraged to participate in field quarters in either their junior or senior year. Travel courses take advantage of Denver's proximity to renowned research facilities including nearby national parks and our very own Mt. Evans field station.

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International Partners in Scholarship

Undergraduate students who know they want to pursue graduate-level research and have an itch to study abroad can apply to become a Global Masters Scholar.

In this program, undergraduates work toward high marks in their program in order to travel to either Lund University in Sweden or the University of Western Australia for their senior year where they will stay to earn their MS degree by the end of their fifth year.

Looking for Career Guidance?

Dedicated staff are working to supplement your coursework and research experiences with one-on-one career counseling. Whether you're looking for an internship, applying to graduate school or seeking a professional career outside of academia, there is a world of support at your fingertips.

Reach out directly to the science and math student advisors in DU's Career and Professional Development Office.

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    Undergraduate Students

    Science and math majors can contact Kimberly English for career advising, help with internship applications, resume preparation and graduate school scouting.

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    Graduate Students

    Contact Patricia Hickman for student-centered advising in the areas of networking, careers in research and development, job opportunities and connecting with alumni.

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    Pioneer Careers

    DU's career portal communicates upcoming workshops, exciting professional networking opportunities on campus, job and internship fairs and tips for career-focused students to get ahead. 


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Our LinkedIn group provides a place for alumni, faculty and students to connect over research, internship opportunities, workshops, networking events, news and more. 

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