2019 Graduates

Class of 2019

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

PhD (Geography)

Sylvia Brady, Public-Private Partnerships: Using Partnerships Between the Private and Public Sector to Advance Transportation Infrastructure, Funding, Financing, and Service Expansion. (Goetz)

Anna Sveinsdóttir, Environmental Governance, Extractive Industries and Struggles for Environmental Justice in Guatemala. (Taylor)

Master of Arts (Geography)

Caitlin Lebeda, Using Repeat Photography to Examine Change in U.S. National Park Gateway Communities: A Case Study of Estes Park, Colorado. (Taylor)

Kelly Measom, An HGIS Approach to Land-use/Land-cover Change is the Blanche Watershed, Czech Republic. (Daniels)

Master of Science (Geographic Information Science)

Duane Bingman, Food Forests: Geospatial Analysis to Enhance Food Sustainability in Target Low-Income Areas of Columbus, Ohio. (Hick)

Linde Carmack, Building a Custom Story Map for North Denver Photovoice (Li)

Shauna Christensen, Effects of Gentrification on Access to Public Parks and Open Space: The Five Points Neighborhood A Spatial Analysis and Statistical Study. (Hick)

Jennifer Clark, Open-Source Web Application Development to Deliver Terrestrial Stable Carbon Isotopes (Powell)

Bryan Collins, The Effects of Climate Change on Crop Yield: A Study in Timor-Lest Using the DSAAT Crop Model (Kuzera)

Jeffrey Ehmann, Bringing Spatial Awareness to the Regulatory Department at Jagged Peak Energy through Enterprise Web Mapping. (Hick)

Heather Hoelting, Analyzing the Spatial Distribution of German Migrants to Nazareth, Texas from 1890 – 1920 using Spatial Autocorrelation Techniques. (Hick)

Richard Holbrook, Using Satellite Synthetic Aperture Radar Data to Improve Temporal Resolution of Vegetation Imaging in Electric Utility Power Line Corridors. (Hick)

Travis Johnson, Spatiotemporal Analysis of Denver County’s Residential Real Estate Market from 2014-2018. (Hick)

Hailey Macrander, A Web GIS for Human Trafficking Data Exploration (Li)

Sarah Monteverde, Spatial Assessment of Wind and Solar Resource And Renewable Energy Development In Rosebud County, Montana. (Hick)

Anna Riling, Supervised Classification of Russian Olive in the Animas Valley with NAIP Imagery and Object-Based Image Analysis. (Hick)

Emma Salmon, A Spatial Consideration of Alternative Methods of Western Water Management. (Hick)

Kaitlyn Scott, Using GIS to Determine the Feasibility of Restoration of Abandoned Mine Sites in the Alpine Ecosystem around Montezuma, Colorado. (Hick)

Byron Schuldt, Examining the Relationships Between Land Cover and Land Surface Temperature Trends in a Changing Climate: A Case Study of Denver. (Powell)

Allyson Shellhorn, Locating Parcels for Surface Water Treatment in Routt County, CO Using Geographic  Information Systems. (Hick)

Natalie Smith, Examining Contributing Factors to Wildlife/Vehicle Collisions Involving Deer in the State of Colorado and Exploring Some of the Mitigation Methods Currently in Use in Search of Ways to Minimize Incidents. (Hick)

David Templar, Applying GIS Analysis to the Existing Bus Network in Lexington, KY for the Proposal of Transfer Stations. (Hick)

Michael Wagner, A GIS Analysis of Urban Heat Island Effect on LCPS Secondary School Grounds. (Hick)

Jedadiah Winter, Utilizing a GIS to Select and Map Unmanned Aerial System Launch Sites for Fairmount Fire Protection District. (Hick)

Ryann Woolf, A GIS Implementation Project for a Small-Scale Agribusiness in Central California. (Hick)

Joshua Zeeb, Gray Wolf Habitat Suitability & Survey Site Analysis in the State of Wyoming. (Hick)

Undergraduate Honors Theses

Taylor Johaneman,  Assessing Catchment Connectivity in an Arctic Coastal Plain Watershed in the Context of Land Use and Climate Change. (Hamann)

Nicolas Tarasewicz, Neighborhood-Level Impacts of Street Trees on Air Pollution Mitigation and Urban Health in Washington Park and Park Hill, Denver, CO. (Trigoso)

Bachelor of Arts (Geography)

Brenn Anderson-Gregson, Sarah Bachetti, Will Black, Clark Bockelman, Marcell Budavari,Casey Culp, William DeLany, Megan Edwards, Madison Gawler, Emily Hennessy, Ryan Holt, John Kurtz, Astrid List, Katelynn McManus, Katherine McGee, Hayley Miler, Alexander Parker, Rachel Pierstorff, Will Regan, Sam Robbins, Jake Rosencranz

Bachelor of Arts (Environmental Science)

Lindsey Brand, Clare Buckley, Abigail Churchill, Anya Dushinski, Oriana Edman, Cole Millington, Maxwell Silverstein, Daniel Temmen

Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)

Carolyn Brown, Arie Feltman-Frank, Claire Hoette, Jonah Howards, Sadie Iovenko, Taylor Johaneman, Kelby Johnson, Andrea Ku, Carolyn Leroy, Lauren Moden, Max Pivonka, Anna Stumb, Kurt Thurmann, Alison Welch, Harry Zakarian