DU's molecular and cellular biophysics PhD program provides opportunities for doctoral studies at the interface of biology, chemistry and physics. Faculty participation across all three corresponding departments enhances the strength and breadth of scholarship by incorporating cross-disciplinary and collaborative approaches to research. 

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HIV-1-infected t cell

Bringing Experts to the Bench

Biophysics faculty research lies in the following areas of expertise:

  • super-resolution microscopy
  • developmental dynamics
  • protein folding
  • protein network analysis
  • signal transduction cascades
  • single-molecule biophysics
  • cellular physiology
  • development of novel imaging techniques

In addition to working at the crossroads of physics, biology and chemistry, we particularly seek to explore methods of mathematical analysis and computer modeling.

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Joe K. Angleson

Associate Professor; Chair, Biological Sciences

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Cedric Asensio photo

Cedric Asensio

Associate Professor

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Scott A Barbee

Associate Professor

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Todd Blankenship


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