Our BA in mathematics offers students a curriculum focused on theoretical and applied mathematics, helping students to develop logical and analytical problem-solving skills. The BA degree is a good fit for students interested in a broader experience, such as those concentrating in finance or aspiring to become secondary-school educators.

This degree also combines easily with majors or minors in the business, natural sciences, computer science, engineering and related fields. The BA program is excellent preparation for graduate school in quantitative subjects. Mathematics majors find employment in academia, high-tech industries, the financial sector and government agencies, with positions including educators, research mathematicians, engineers, computer programmers, financial analysts, economists and actuaries.

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  • Degree Requirements

    This degree requires completion of 48 credits of MATH courses numbered 1951 or higher, including at least 20 credits at the 3000-level or higher.

    The following four-credit courses are required:

    • MATH 1951 Calculus I 
    • MATH 1952 Calculus II or MATH 1962 Honors Calculus II 
    • MATH 1953 Calculus III or MATH 1963 Honors Calculus III 
    • MATH 2060 Elements of Linear Algebra 
    • MATH 2070 Introduction to Differential Equations
    • MATH 2080 Calculus of Several Variables
    • MATH 2200 Mathematical Reasoning & Proof 
    • MATH 3161 Introduction to Real Analysis
    • MATH 3170 Introduction to Abstract AlgebraC

    Course descriptions

    In addition, students must complete the ETS Major Field Test in Mathematics as instructed by the department, and satisfy all requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree as outlined in the University of Denver Undergraduate Bulletin.


    MATH 1150, MATH 1200, MATH 1700, and MATH 1750 cannot be used for major credit.

    It is recommended that students take MATH 3151 Advanced Linear Algebra after MATH 2200 Mathematical Reasoning & Proof but before MATH 3161 Introduction to Real Analysis and MATH 3170 Introduction to Abstract Algebra.

  • Transfer Credit Policy

    A maximum of 135 quarter hours of credit may be transferred. The final 45 credits must be earned at the University of Denver. For students studying for one or more terms in an approved study abroad program, the residency requirement is waived. At least 50% of the required credit hours for the major and minor must be completed at the University of Denver.

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