Preprint Series

On this page, we offer an archive of preprints from our faculty over the years, going back to 2003. For the year 2020, the following preprints are availabe:

  1.  Interval parking functions
    Emma ColaricRyan DeMuseJeremy L. MartinMei Yin
  2. Remarks on power-law random graphs
    Mei Yin

  3. Trialities of W-algebras
    Thomas CreutzigAndrew R. Linshaw

  4. T-duality and the exotic chiral de Rham complex
    Andrew LinshawVarghese Mathai

  5. Generalized parafermions of orthogonal type
    Thomas CreutzigVladimir KovalchukAndrew R. Linshaw

  6. $A^{(2)}_{2l} at level $-l-\frac{1}{2}$
    Shashank Kanade

  7. On q-series for principal characters of standard $A^{(2)}_2$-modules
    Shashank KanadeMatthew C. Russell

  8. A survey of the Preservation of Symmetries by the Dual Gromov-Hausdorff Propinquity
    Frederic Latremoliere

  9. Bunce-Deddens algebras as quantum Gromov-Hausorff distance limits of circle algebras
    Konrad AguilarFrederic LatremoliereTimothy Rainone

  10. Metric Approximations of Spectral Triples on the Sierpiński Gasket and other fractal curves
    Therese-Marie LandryMichel L. LapidusFrederic Latremoliere