Scholarships & Awards

The Department of Mathematics and the University of Denver supports undergraduate and graduate students with a number of endowed scholarships and awards. In addition to traditional scholarships, we offer funds for conference travel and research.


Besides standard university-wide scholarships for undergraduate students and teaching assistantships for graduate students, the flagship scholarships for math students are the Mike Martin Mathematics Endowed Scholarship Fund (for incoming undergraduate students who will be automatically considered if they declare a math major while applying to DU) and the John R. and Mary K. Hammond Scholarship Fund (for incoming graduate students who will be automatically considered if they do not receive a graduate teaching assistantship).

  • Mike Martin Mathematics Endowed Scholarship Fund

    Established 1995

    The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage bright incoming undergraduate students interested in mathematics to attend the University of Denver. It was established by Scott Lumpkin and Bill Dorn along with a number of individual contributions and a sizeable bequest.

    Mike Martin was a brilliant and beloved professor of mathematics at the University of Denver from 1971 to 2001. Prof. Martin’s career was cut short by a fatal fall during a hiking accident in Utah. The Department of Mathematics is honored to be able to offer scholarships in his name to undergraduates studying the subject that was so dear to him.  

  • John R. and Mary K. Hammond Scholarship Fund

    Established 2003

    The fund was established by a very substantial bequest from the estate of Mary K. Hammond. It provides scholarship support for students with high grade averages who are pursuing graduate degrees in mathematics. The recipients are designated Hammond Scholars.

    Mary Katherine Heym matriculated to DU in 1935 and graduated in 1938 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree as Mary Hammond after marrying an engineering student John R. Hammond. Mary was quite a renaissance figure—an artist, a musician, and a mathematician. The delight that she found in mathematics will live on through the generations of DU mathematics students who will benefit from her generosity.

Departmental Awards

Every year we recognize math majors and math graduate students with a variety of awards.

  • Herbert J. Greenberg Award for Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics

    The award was established by the Mathematics Department to recognize top students graduating with an undergraduate degree in mathematics.

    Dr. Greenberg was the driving force in creating a combined Mathematics and Computer Science Department at the University of Denver in the 1980s, and he served as department chair for many years. He was brilliant – a talented writer, musician and mathematician who started college when he was only 14. He loved teaching math! The Mathematics Department is proud to continue Dr. Greenberg’s legacy by recognizing an outstanding graduating mathematics major.

    Past Recipients

    2023 Madison Sousa
    2022 Spencer Cockerell
    2021 Toni Hinskton
    2020 Benjamin Gurka
    2019 John Christensen
    2018 Samantha Brooker
    2017 David Chan
    2016 Zachary Adams
    2015 Rebecca Conrad
    2014 Steven Kordonowy
    2013 Kenneth D. Macneal
    2012 Sion Ledbetter
    2011 Anar Amgalan
    2010 Nathan McNew
    2009 William Reynolds
    2008 Skyler Braden
    2007 Ashley Brewer
    2006 Denis Lapitski
    2005 Jacob Harper
    2004 Cy Holladay
    2003 Thomas Gieck and Derek Moulton
    2002 Thomas Gieck, Jennifer Proal, and Tracey Shaw

  • Outstanding Student in Mathematics Award

    Every year, the Outstanding Student in Mathematics Award recognizes 3-4 math majors for exemplary academic performance in mathematics.

  • Bill Dorn Lectureship

    Established 2006

    The lectureship is offered to a Graduate Teaching Assistant who has exhibited particularly meritorious service. The award is meant to do more than convey the gratitude of the faculty for going well beyond the ordinary call of duty.  It is also an opportunity for a budding educator to gain valuable teaching experience by having primary instructional responsibility for a class of their own.

    The lectureship was established by the Department of Mathematics in the name of distinguished Emeritus Professor Bill Dorn.

  • Eleanor L. Campbell Memorial Award in Mathematics

    Established 2008

    The award recognizes an outstanding female student at the University of Denver graduating with an undergraduate degree in mathematics.

    The award was established by a very generous gift by the estate of Eleanor L. Campbell to the Department of Mathematics. Mrs. Campbell’s endowment allows the department to perpetuate her love of learning and her desire to help others by providing recognition and encouragement.

    Past Recipients

    2023 Alexandra Revier
    2022 Leah Huzjak
    2021 Martine Gelb
    2020 Sarah Lingen
    2019 Sydney Brookstein
    2018 Valerie Yen
    2017 Samantha Brooker
    2016 Madeline Doering
    2015 Aurora Simoneau
    2014 Rebecca Conrad
    2013 Nanzhi Tang
    2012 Di Wei
    2011 Kathryn Palma
    2010 Jocelyn Nguyen
    2009 Abby Johnson
    2008 Teresa Alvarado

  • GTA Excellence in Teaching Award

    Established 2012

    The award is given by the Department of Mathematics to a graduate teaching assistant in recognition of dedication, professionalism and excellence in teaching and tutoring.

    Past Recipients

    2023 Casey Schlortt
    2022 Vladimir Kovalchuk
    2021 Dan Graybill
    2020 Ryan Demuse + Mariah Barnes
    2019 Alex Stevens
    2018 Adam Purcilly
    2017 Lauren Nelsen
    2016 Wesley Fussner
    2015 Thomas French
    2014 Drew Ash
    2013 Timothy Trujillo
    2012 Mark Greer

Research and Travel Endowments for Students

  • John G. Daly Endowment for Travel and Research Support in the Department of Mathematics

    Established 2014

    Apply here

    The endowment was established by a very generous gift from Patricia Daly. It provides support for research-related expenses of students, with preference given to graduate students.

    John Daly received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Denver in mathematics and education, and he pursued a gratifying career as a high school mathematics teacher, where he was beloved and influenced countless high school students. Dan Daly, son of John and Patricia, received his master’s degree and doctorate from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Denver, and now works as a professor of mathematics. The Daly family wishes to honor John’s memory by supporting the research and travel of students in the Department of Mathematics.

  • Dr. Richard N. Ball Scholarly Lecture Award in Mathematics

    Established 2022

    The purpose of the award is to stimulate mathematical research among students at the University of Denver, particularly graduate students transitioning from coursework to research. An award is given to one or more students for their analysis and presentation of a mathematics research paper.

    The award was established by a generous donation from mathematics alum Dr. Aditya Nagrath and Elephant Learning. It honors emeritus professor Richard Ball, a long-term faculty member and chair of the Department of Mathematics.