Department of Mathematics

Our department is led by an active faculty of accomplished researchers and dedicated teachers. We strive to provide access for all to fundamental mathematical ideas that shape the world and impact many subjects. We serve approximately 100 undergraduate majors and 30 graduate students, as well as general DU students in variety of majors.

Unlocking Limitless Potential

Mathematicians are in high demand in industries ranging from aerospace to finance. Our students gain a working understanding of mathematical principles coupled with the critical-thinking and analytical skills necessary to succeed in practically any field.

"When will I ever use math?" All the time and everywhere. In a recent ranking of jobs based on income, stress, physical demands, potential growth, job security and work environment, many of the highest rated jobs require significant mathematical knowledge.

    Leading Students to Success

    Advising is a top priority for our department. As math majors rise to the challenge of collegiate courses and research in mathematics, they meet frequently with permanent faculty to discuss their next academic steps.

    By tailoring coursework, math students prepare for careers as actuaries, engineers, researchers or teachers. Whether you're interested in developing and analyzing mathematical models, optimizing logistical problems, or writing efficient computer code, mathematics is the tool of choice.

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    Making Sense of the World with Mathematics

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    Research is an integral part of our undergraduate and graduate programs. We focus on pure mathematics, and our faculty are particularly strong in algebraic logic, computational geometry, dynamical systems, functional analysis, nonassociative mathematics, ordered structures, quantum structures and set theory. We organize weekly seminars and often host international mathematical conferences on our beautiful campus.



    A Message from the Department Chair

    "Our mission is to excel in conducting mathematical research and educating students within a supporting intellectual community." – Alvaro Arias, Professor and Department Chair

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    College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

    The Department of Mathematics is housed within DU's College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics along with the departments of biological sciences, chemistry and biochemistry, geography and the environment, and physics and astronomy. Driven by collective leadership, the natural sciences and mathematics faculty collaborate across departments to ensure widespread delivery of student-centered teaching, mentorship programs and novel research.