Recent PhD graduates and postdocs

Our recently graduated PhD students and former postdocs have found positions in academia and industry.

  • Recent PhD Graduates

    Lauren Nelsen 
    University of Indianapolis, assistant professor
    Thesis: Applications of geometric and spectral methods in graph theory 
    Spring 2019, advisor Paul Horn

    Gavin St. John 
    Thesis: Decidability for residuated lattices and substructural logics 
    Spring 2019, advisor Nick Galatos

    Kirk Boyer 
    Thesis: Barrier graphs and extremal questions on line, ray, segment and hyperplane sensor networks 
    Spring 2019, advisor Paul Horn and Mario Lopez

    Wesley Fussner 
    Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné, University of Nice, postdoctoral scholar
    Thesis: Categories of residuated lattices 
    Fall 2018, advisor Nick Galatos

    Nawal Alznad 
    Thesis: T-de Vries algebras 
    Summer 2018, advisor Rick Ball

    Dennis Pace 
    Thesis: Surface entropy of shifts of finite type 
    Summer 2018, advisor Ronnie Pavlov

    Konrad Aguilar 
    Arizona State University, postdoctoral scholar
    Thesis: Quantum metrics on approximately finite dimensional algebras 
    Spring 2017, advisor Frederic Latremoliere

    Masoumah Al Ali 
    Al-Yamamah University in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, assistant professor
    Thesis: Z_2 orbifolds of affine vertex algebras and W-algebras 
    Spring 2017, advisor Andrew Linshaw

    Gabriel Giron-Garnica 
    Gaming Laboratories International, LLC, assistant director of mathematics
    Thesis: Banach spaces from barriers of high dimensional Ellentuck spaces 
    Fall 2016, advisor Alvaro Arias

    Drew Ash 
    Davidson College, postdoctoral scholar
    Thesis: Topological speedups 
    Spring 2016, advisor Nic Ormes

    Thomas French 
    University of Denver, teaching assistant professor
    Thesis: Follower and Extender Sets in Symbolic Dynamics 
    Spring 2016, advisor Ronnie Pavlov

    Riquelmi Cardona 
    Thesis: The Finite Embeddability Property for some Noncommutative knotted varieties of RL and DRL 
    Spring 2015, advisor Nick Galatos

    Mouna Aboras 
    Thesis: Dihedral-like constructions of automorphic loops 
    Spring 2015, advisor Petr Vojtechovsky

    Timothy Trujillo 
    Sam Houston State University, assistant professor
    Thesis: Topological Ramsey spaces, associated ultrafilters, and their applications to the Tukey theory of ultrafilters and Dedekind cuts of nonstandard arithmetic 
    Spring 2014, advisor Natasha Dobrinen

    Mark Greer 
    University of North Alabama, assistant professor
    Thesis: Loops and their permutation groups 
    Spring 2013, advisor Michael Kinyon

    Jenya Kirshtein 
    C12Energy, scientific software developer
    Thesis: Cayley-Dickson loops 
    Summer 2012, advisor Petr Vojtechovsky

  • Recent Postdocs

    Katherine Perry (9/2017-6/2019) 
    Assistant Professor, Soka University
    PhD 2017 (Auburn University) 
    Research interest: Combinatorics, graph theory, design theory

    Seung Yeop Yang (9/2017-6/2018) 
    Assistant Professor, Kyungpook National University, Korea
    PhD 2017 (George Washington University) 
    Research interest: Low-dimensional topology, algebraic topology related to knot theory, knotted surfaces in 4-space, graph theory.

    Daniel Hathaway (9/2015-6/2018) 
    PhD 2015 (University of Michigan) 
    Assistant Professor, University of Vermont
    Research interest: Set theory, cardinal characteristics, descriptive set theory, forcing.

    Aysel Erey (9/2015-6/2017) 
    PhD 2015 (Dalhousie University, Canada) 
    Research interest: Combinatorics and graph theory, graph polynomials and their roots.

    Izabella Stuhl (9/2014-6/2017 ) 
    PhD 2010 (University of Debrecen, Hungary) 
    Visiting Assistant Professor, Penn State University
    Research interest: Non-associative algebraic structures and applications.

    Lori Alvin (9/2013-6/2015) 
    PhD 2011 (Wisconsin, Milwaukee) 
    Assistant Professor, Bradley University 
    Research interest: dynamical systems, topological dynamics, symbolic dynamics.

    Jose G. Mijares (9/2013-6/2015) 
    PhD 2007 (Central University of Venezuela) 
    Teaching Assistant Professor, University of Denver
    Research interest: Set theory, Ramsey theory, topological dynamics, combinatorics, functional analysis.

    Zhe Liu (9/2012-6/2013) 
    PhD 2010 (University of New Hampshire) 
    Assistant Professor, University of Central Florida 
    Research interest: Functional analysis, operator algebras, unbounded operators, mathematical physics.