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Mathematics Department Hosts AMS Conference

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Luca Perr

NSM Communications

The virtual gathering of the Western Section of the American Mathematical Society drew 500 participants.

Announcement  •

This spring, on May 14-15, DU had the privilege of hosting a semi-annual meeting of the Western Section of the American Mathematical Society. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the conference was held virtually.

The AMS Math conference is a meeting of around 500 mathematicians hailing from across the west of the US. Attended by research faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students, the meeting is split into 21 special sessions, 6 of which were organized by DU math faculty. The goal of the conference is to report on the most recent mathematical results and to establish connections between mathematicians—not only in their research specialties, but also across the entire field of mathematics. The Western Section consists of all US states west of Nebraska, as well as 3 Canadian provinces.

We are also happy to announce that DU was selected to host the Spring 2025 meeting of the AMS.