Student Travel Funds

The Department of Mathematics has a limited amount of funds to support students traveling to math events. We award up to $1,500 to undergraduate students and up to $4,000 to graduate students (as a group) every academic year.

Funding for student travel is made possible in part by the John G. Daly Endowment for Travel and Research Support and the Math Gift Fund. We thank our alumni and donors for their continued support!

Request Form

If you are planning to attend an event (conference, workshop, summer school, etc) and would like to apply for departmental assistance, please fill out and submit the student travel request form.


The following conditions apply to your request.

  • Travel must occur within six months of application deadline.
  • Preference will be given to students presenting at an event.
  • Do not book any travel without first consulting the Assistant to the Department Chair.
  • Only electronic applications will be considered.

Deadline and Submission

Each year, the deadlines for student travel requests are:

  • May 1
  • November 1

Completed student travel request form must be emailed:

  • by graduate students to the Associate Chair for Graduate Studies
  • by undergraduate students to Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Contact the Associate Chairs